How does it work?

The craft and science of this patented technology involves a complex 39 stage production process. Using 3D printing technology, a breathable bio-medical polymer base is produced from a precision scan of your scalp. This ensures the CNC follows the precise contours of your head and hairline. 100% virgin unprocessed human hair is then carefully selected to match your own, and each strand is individually injected into the base by hand replicating the direction of growth to ensure the most natural result. Finally, your new CNC hair prosthesis is grafted into place using a hypoallergenic fixing agent.

CRLab Assessment & Qualification

Phase 1 – Assessment and qualification

We first establish if the Cesare Ragazzi CNC System is a suitable option for your type of hair loss and the expectations you want to achieve with your new hair. Consultations with your CRLab specialist are discreet and confidential.

Scalp mapping for CNC hair prosthesis

Phase 2 – Scalp mapping

Our trained CRLab Consultant and Certified Specialists create a precise map of your scalp. This ensures a perfect fit and natural hair movement.

Cast production for CNC hair prosthesis

Phase 3 – Cast production

We produce a digital cast of your scalp to precisely match the contours of your skull and scalp. This cast is the digital blueprint for the manufacture of your custom CNC hair prosthesis.

Cloning & pantone matching for CNC hair prosthesis

Phase 4 – Cloning and pantone matching

A physical clone membrane is created from the Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories' proprietary, medically engineered membrane material using robotic technology in Bolognia, Italy. The result replicates the exact shape, lines, and pantones of your scalp.

Hair matching for CNC hair prosthesis

Phase 5 – Hair matching and selection

Hair Production Specialists meticulously select strands of high-grade unprocessed human hair that match your natural hair. Hair denier, wave pattern and colours are all carefully selected to achieve the most natural look.

Implanting for CNC hair prosthesis

Phase 6 – Implanting

Each of the selected hair strands are implanted individually by hand into the bio-medical membrane, mirroring the original direction of growth established by your natural hair pattern.

Styling the CNC hair prosthesis

Phase 7 – Application and styling

Your custom designed CNC prosthetic is non-surgically and painlessly grafted onto your scalp at CRLab in Port Melbourne. Your new hair is then professionally cut, blended, and styled by our team of amazing stylists to complete your transformation.

Man & woman in pool wearing the CNC hair prosthesis

Phase 8 – CNC system integration

Once attached, you can enjoy a natural and active lifestyle without compromise, restoring self-esteem and confidence.

Styling & maintaining the CNC hair prosthesis

Phase 9 – Maintain your amazing look

You will receive ongoing aftercare under the guidance from your CRLab consultant. We recommend re-application every 3-5 weeks to sanitise the prosthesis and maintain scalp health.

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