Hair Loss Treatment for Men

Hair loss is more than skin deep. It can affect quality of life in areas such as personal relationships, work and basic daily activities. For some men, hair loss can trigger negative psychological effects, affecting self-esteem and in some instances can lead to depression.

While there is no cure for hair loss, there are a number of safe, effective, non-surgical hair loss treatments for men available at CRLab Australia. Scientifically formulated to promote healthy hair growth, our range of trichology treatments can help combat chronic scalp conditions and hair thinning. The revolutionary CNC hair prosthesis system delivers instant and natural results for people living with full or partial hair loss. Of course, the process begins with a personalised confidential consultation at our clinic in Port Melbourne, where we will determine the cause and extent of your hair loss.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes male hair loss?

Men’s hair loss is mainly caused by male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia – a hereditary condition that affects all men to some degree as they grow older. Hair loss usually begins at the temples with the hairline gradually receding and subsequently hair at the crown or back of the head also starts to get thinner. Male pattern hair loss is instigated by a byproduct of testosterone, hormones called DHT which attack vulnerable and weak hair follicles. Over time, exposure to DHT leads to hair follicle miniaturization, where the hairs growing from the follicles become thinner and shorter with each cycle of growth and lose the ability to produce hair.

You can also lose your hair because of illness or surgical procedures, stressful circumstances, changes in hormone levels and scalp infections.

How common is male pattern hair loss?

Most Australian men will become aware of hair loss as they grow older. Significant balding affects about one in five men (20%) in their 20s, about one in three men (30%) in their 30s and nearly half of men (40%) in their 40s (source: Andrology Australia)

What are the types of hair loss?

The three most common types of hair loss are:

  • Androgenic Alopecia – male or female pattern baldness
  • Alopecia Areata – an autoimmune condition
  • Telogen Effluvium – a condition cause by stress or traumatic experiences
What treatments are available?

There are numerous treatments for hair loss available, however, many are not scientifically proven to be effective and can carry significant risks or side-affects. Popular hair loss treatment options currently available from dermatologists, trichologists and specialist hairdressers include:

  • Scalp Massage – designed to stimulate and promote hair growth.
  • Hair Lotions and Tonics – such as Minoxidil (Rogaine) are available over the counter at pharmacies or from a dermatologist
  • Hair Loss Tablets – are available by prescription from a dermatologist, and include Finasteride, Sprionolactone, Vuproterone acetate. These can have side-affects and can take years to begin to see the desired results.
  • Surgical Hair Transplants – FUE and FUT involves removing hair follicles from one area of the scalp and implanting them to another area. These expensive and invasive procedures can be risky and, in some instances, just don’t work due to donor hair availability.
  • Wigs and Hairpieces – a cheaper, temporary solution, that can be uncomfortable and inconvenient to wear and may not look and feel natural.
  • The CNC System – a non-surgical medical grade scalp and hair prosthetic developed by Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories Italy, that is made using the latest 3D printing and high-quality unprocessed human hair. The CNC gives you complete freedom to live an active life – sweat, sun and waterproof
  • CRLab trichology treatments – to nourish and improve the look and feel of virtually all hair types or scalp conditions.