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Hair Fact Cyclical Therapy For Women


Hair Fact Cyclical Therapy is a comprehensive, holistic approach to strengthening the hair roots promoting follicular growth.

This product is paraben free, dermatologically tested, SLES free and made in Italy

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Product information

Nutritional deficiencies are one of the most common causes of hair problems. Yet many experts recommend expensive and controversial medications (such as Minoxidil) that treat the symptoms, but not the root cause (pun intended).

Nutritional deficiencies are on the rise becoming more common than we can realise. The deficiencies are multi nutrient, multi vitamin and multi mineral in nature and not limited to single individual nutrients.

Also, administering too many nutrients together in the wrong combination leads to reduced absorption and reduced efficiency from inter nutrient interactions.

In other words, high doses of one nutrient affect the absorption and efficiency of others. For example, administered together, vitamin C can destroy vitamin B12. Iron and calcium reduce the absorption of one another. High vitamin C, increases sodium & reduces potassium levels.

Recommendations for use

Suggested use: take one (1) capsule twice per week as directed.

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