Best hair growth products & trichology treatments for hair retention

Trichological products from Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories

At CRLab Australia, we’re dedicated to providing the latest innovation in hair growth products to help you regain your confidence!

We are the exclusive Australian provider of CRLab trichological products from the researchers at Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories. Cesare Ragazzi is a renowned worldwide brand with uncompromising quality for hair replacement and hair loss solutions. These best hair growth products and trichology treatments have been formulated to both nourish and improve the look and feel of virtually all hair types or scalp conditions. The CRLab line of trichological products and protocol is revolutionising the way hair stylists and hair restoration professionals treat all hair conditions.

Following a CRLab scalp analysis and Tricotest assessment, our consultant will help you determine the best CRLab hair growth trichology products to suit your needs. All of our products are produced from natural ingredients, such as plant stem cells and essential oils.

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CRLab Restructuring Mask

Restructuring Mask

Thanks to its absorbent properties, CRLab’s restructuring treatment mask helps to remove excess of sebum and impurities from the scalp, restoring proper balance to the hair to counteract hair loss.

The presence of castor oil and other natural extracts such as Capsicum and Nettle, revitalizes and nourishes the hair shaft leading to stronger hair with more volume!

CRLab Restructuring Vial

Restructuring Vial

Scalp cleansing combined with regular restructuring form a healthy routine to prevent hair loss. CRLab’s restructuring vial containing vitamin E, provides deep nourishment and balances the scalp to support long term healthy hair.

Active ingredients rubefacient enhances microcirculation while hydrolyzed keratin strengthens hair shaft for a thicker diameter.

CRLab Linfoil


LINFOIL by CRLab is a restructuring product for hair with no volume. It detangles, restructures and nourishes hair. Moringa extract prevents hair dehydration and hydrolyzed wheat proteins give shine, body and volume.

Used as a finish product, it styles and defines hair.

CRLab Mild Shampoo

Mild Shampoo

The special CRLab mild shampoo formulation, with non-aggressive surfactants, ensures a deep cleaning and hydration without damaging the scalp. Hydrolyzed wheat proteins produce a deep moisturizing effect on the hair. Washing your hair carefully is important to take care of it and to nourish the scalp. The more we hydrate and purify the scalp, the stronger and healthier our hair becomes. Talk to a CRLab consultant today to determine the best CRLab hair growth trichology products to suit your needs.

CRLab Nourishing Conditioning Cream

Nourishing & Conditioning Cream

CRLab’s Nourishing & Conditioning Cream gives strength, volume and light to the hair thanks to cashmere proteins. It makes the hair easy to comb, eliminating the effect of static electricity and reducing split end formation. CRLab’s Nourishing & Conditioning Cream also gives strength and volume to worn out and frizzy hair and is formulated for all skin types.

CRLab Havogen

Havogen 5 Hair Loss Prevention Patches

Havogen 5 hair loss prevention patches are also part of the CRLab trichological line. Havogen 5 is a small complex patch attached to the neck, which slowly release the active principles through the skin for 12 hours from the application. The powerful antioxidant ingredients strongly fight free radical formation. The patches are designed to inhibit 5-Alpha reductase activity to help reduce DHT, which can be a major factor of hair loss. Havogen 5 provides important actions: reduces 5-Alpha reductase activity, fights and inhibits free radical formation, nourishes the hair bulb, fights hair loss and protects hair structure.

CRLab Tricoglam

Trichoglam Home Use Helmet for Photobiostimulation of the scalp

The Tricoglam Home Use Helmet by CRLab Australia is a tool of great technological value conceived to continue CRLAB treatments comfortably at home and deliver photobiostimulation of the scalp.

The presence of 105 LEDs (light-emitting diodes) reactivates the metabolic process within cells in the human scalp stimulates microcirculation in the scalp and allow better nutrition of the hair bulbs. This helps you achieve whole hair results: thicker, fuller and healthier hair.

Trichology & Tricotest by CRLab

In the simplest terms, the word trichology is the study of the hair and scalp. At CRLab Australia, our goal is to identify and help alleviate common scalp disorders that impede natural hair growth and scalp health. Using scientifically advanced trichology practices, we strive to ensure our clients have the healthiest scalp possible to enable hair growth.

If you are experiencing any level of hair loss, please arrange a confidential consultation at our Port Melbourne clinic.

We begin with the Tricotest — a microscopic analysis of both your scalp and hair to identify common issues, such as styling product build-up, dirt, bacteria, fungus, DHT enzyme symptoms, excess sebum, and poor hair nutrition. The Tricotest is designed for both men and women, and the system is simple, easy, and convenient. After the test, we recommend hair loss products and services specifically designed to target your hair loss needs.

Start Retaining your hair today. Contact us for a confidential no obligation consultation.

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